Write Your E-mails Backwards

Have you ever accidentally sent an email before you wanted it to go out? Possibly you were in the middle of writing a sentence, pressed enter and voila, the email was sent.

Sending unfinished emails or even worse accidentally sending emails that you might regret if you read them over can potentially hurt relationships and at best just look very unprofessional but there is a simple fix to prevent this from ever happening again.

Write your e-mails backwards.  That’s right.  Write the content of the email and perfect it before deciding on the most appropriate subject line.  Then when the email is complete, add the recipient’s e-mail address into the address bar.  That way, if you accidentally press the wrong button, the email has nowhere to go.

For a silly email between friends this may not seem like much but for a business related email, this little trick can save your a lot of frustration because once it sends, you can’t take it back.

Have you ever sent an email that wasn’t ready to go out?  How did you deal with it?

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  1. There's a similar solution. Use notepad to write the email first, then copy and paste. Problem solved. No need to write backwards!

  2. I do that too but sometimes it's annoying to cut and paste. I actually wrote this article after seeing multiple people send emails that were unfinished. I replied to one of them “… I get there was a bad connection and you got cut off.”

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