Why Your Friends and Family Don’t Want You to Succeed

When you have a great idea that you are sure is going to be a success, the first thing you want to do is tell the whole world. You usually start with the people who are closest to you such as your family and friends. You would think that these people who hold such a dear place in your life would want you to succeed and would root for you but this is not always the case. Although they might actually want you to succeed or say that they do, something else is going on in their subconscious.

Deep down, whether they know it or not, something registers that really scares them. They realize that if you go along with your new idea and you are successful, you are going to change and in turn, so will your relationship. If you go for a higher degree, you may be more educated and they’ll feel that you won’t have your intellectual conversations with them anymore. If you start a diet, they may not have those snackfest pigouts that you have every Saturday night at the movies. If you start a successful business, you may be too busy for them or even worse, start to socialize with a higher class of people.

Without knowing it, they will start to find all sorts of flaws with your idea and try to convince you not to go ahead with it. They may seem supportive but they may also be a little hesitant with their support. These friends and family members can really kill any drive you have for success and then you will be stuck in the same place that you have always been with no chance of growing and reaching for the stars.

Lucky people don’t usually have this problem because they make friends or already socialize with people that are where they want to be. If they want to be rich, they will hang out with rich people. If they want to be in good shape, they will hang out at a gym. I don’t remember who said this but there was one wealthy man who said that if he ever lost all his money, he would work hard to buy himself a nice suit and then go hang out at a country club with rich people.

When you have a great idea and you are really motivated, try to keep the idea to yourself for a little bit while you put together a plan and figure out how you are going to do it. If you tell anyone about it, make sure they are someone who is already where you want to be. After all, if you get advice, the person who is already there is the best person to get it from. Just remember, never take advice from someone who has never successfully done what you want to do. If you take their advice, you will end up exactly where they are.

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