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Problogger posted a while back about a conversation he had with Seth Godin about Twitter.  Seth mentioned that he doesn’t use twitter and barely even uses Facebook.  He feels that if he does something, he wants to do it really well (which is a whole other post) and it’s better not to do it at all than do a mediocre job. 

If Seth Godin Doesn’t Use Twitter, Who is Using His Name on Twitter?

Whoever it is has thousands of followers who think they are following him.  That person isn’t really trashing Seth Godin’s name or reputation, but he could if he wanted to.  There is so much possible damage that can be done by someone taking your name, so why let them?


Take Ownership of Your Name

Buy the domain name of your name, preferably .com if it’s available.  You may even want to buy the .net, .info, .name and any others that are available.  At $7/year, you can’t really lose.  You should also secure your name on twitter, blogspot and any other Social Media tools that can be hijacked. 

The web is growing exponentially and the amount of time we spend online is increasing as well and will continue to increase.  Even if you just get your name now to secure it for the future, it is a good investment.  Who knows what you will need it for in 10 years.  You should even consider buying your kid’s names, I know one person who already does.

Five years ago, it was almost unheard of to buy your name’s domain.  Now it’s almost common practice as people are using their domain for their blog, business, resume, or just a place to show things off online.

If you want to get lucky in 10 years when having your online identity is crucial, get it now.  After all, Luck is all about being prepared for what lies ahead.

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  1. Although I don’t mention my name in my blogs, you can look it up on WHOIS. However, since no-one really has done that or really raves about me (instead they rave about my blog) I’ve no reason to buy a domain name with my name. Anyway, the information in WOIS is outdated. I’ve since been married and changed my name, lol.

  2. AAIF, The point I was trying to make is that with the increase of everyday activities going online at such a great rate, in the next few years it might be a huge advantage for anyone to own their names online.
    Now it is only really important for well known or famous people to protect their names but who knows what you will need your name for in five years. it’s such a tiny investment, so why not look to the future and possibly get lucky.

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