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The New Year’s Resolution Goal System

How would you like to accomplish 12 goals this year? This year, instead of taking on too many new year’s resolutions, follow the “New Year’s Resolution Goal System” and accomplish

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Get Lucky by Quitting

I had a friend in high school who was  proud of himself because every time someone told him that he should quit smoking, he told then that he wasn’t a quitter.  We all grow up learning that quitting

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Never Turn on your Computer Again Without an Agenda

When you sit down and turn on your computer, do you know exactly what you are about to do or are you just turning on your computer because it is something to do? I constantly find myself sitting down

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Get Lucky by Getting your Ducks, even if they’re not in a Row

I hear so many people saying that they will not start item “B” until item “A” is accomplished. For instance, “I will not get married until I have a job”, “I will not have kids until I am

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Trying to be Lucky Makes Me Smarter and Luckier

When I wrote my goals and made the conscious decision to follow and achieve them, without consciously knowing it, I took upon myself a ton of work. One of my goals was to build this blog. It seems pretty

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Day Number One With Goals

Yesterday I wrote about how I realized that in order to get anything done, I needed to make clear goals for myself. A few of the goals on my list had to do with this blog. I wanted to fix up the blog,

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